Book Summary

This is the first of a 13 book series and includes 2 metal collector coins (separate purchase). A perfect piece for anyone who loves Mythology or Vikings. Additionally, this is a great teaching tool for students studying the ancient Norse and their beliefs. This book is showcased in a high grain, leather hardbound and is oversized at approximately 8.5″x11″. This illustrated series has a combination of styles and artwork. It contains illustrated storyboards of popular mythological tales. It also has custom artwork from various students and artists. So, you will see a variety of artistic interpretations. Among these are traditional stories and custom storyboards to follow such stories. Additionally, you will find within over 50 custom drawn images of realms, gods, monsters, and weapons.
This product is made with leather, gold leaf stamping process on covers, and a super high quality coated paper to ensure vibrant color imaging. Books are stitch bound and not glued.


We have two collectible metal coins available along with this book. On one side of the coin is a Viking ship sailing. The reverse side features either Odin, the Lord of Valhalla, or Hel, the Mistress of the Underworld. We are pleased with the final result as we hope you will be, too.
Each coin is presented in its own round, plastic protective case.

Where to Buy the Book?

  • This is currently under consideration with distributors and will hopefully be in books stores and comic venues by the end of the year. Sample copies are available, in limited quantities, at certain book signing events and comic conventions. Send an email to inquire about advance copy purchases.